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How to Wear a Waist Trainer: The Basics

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If it is your dream to have the ideal body shape, a waist trainer could be for you. Waist training is easy. You simply lace yourself into your compression corset, and your waist size drops dramatically.

But before you place yourself in, it is important to learn the basics about how to wear a waist trainer safely and properly.

Condition Your Mind

Before you start, you must maintain a healthy attitude towards using your waist trainer. Whatever exercise or diet you choose, any health benefits can be severely compromised if you over-exercise, or take any measure to the extreme.

As you get ready to start using your waist trainer, be sure to consider the negative consequences of overuse. 

The dangers of putting too much pressure on your organs and the possible impact on your breathing should not be ignored. However, these risks can be reduced if you follow the seven steps to wearing a waist trainer safely.

Find a Waist Trainer That is Right For You

When choosing a waist trainer, it is vital to find one that fits your body correctly. One that not only looks elegant, but comfortable to wear all day long.

– Material Type:

It is essential to consider the material that your waist trainer is made from. A waist trainer that is made from a sub-standard material might claim to work faster than other waist trainers. In practice, however, the results are likely to be disappointing. 

It is wise to select one that is made from standard-assured material. You should also follow the ‘slow and steady’ approach if you wish to remain healthy and achieve lasting results. 

– Size:

It can be tempting to select one that is too small. It is a common misconception that the smaller the waist trainer, the faster the results. But one that is too small can put too much pressure on abdominal organs and cause bruising on the ribs. This can possibly lead to longer-term damage to ribs and organs. It is a bad idea to move quickly through the seven steps. 

Using a waist trainer that is too tight for too long over a short time period will not deliver the result you are hoping for. It could also be detrimental to your health.

A waist trainer that fits correctly will not cause you any pain. A well-fitted one will feel tight when you put it on, but the skin should sit comfortably underneath it. It should not fold. 

If your waist trainer fits you correctly, you should always feel compression and some discomfort, even on the largest setting. This way, you can be sure that your waist trainer is working to slim your waist.

As your waist gets slimmer, you can gradually move to smaller settings to maintain the required pressure. If you find you can comfortably wear your waist trainer for long periods on its largest setting, you need to choose a smaller size.

Take Baby Steps

Now that you have selected a waist trainer that is a perfect fit — it can be tempting to wear it all the time. However, the next step in how to wear a waist trainer is to start slowly. Wearing your body trainer for 2-3 hours a day, to begin with, will ensure you are not overdoing it.

Listen to your body. If you are very uncomfortable or have any bruising after using it, you have chosen the wrong size. You should exchange it for a larger size to reduce any damage to your health.

Increase Gradually

After a few days of wearing your waist trainer for no more than 3 hours a day, you should start to feel more comfortable.

This is the point where you can gradually increase the length of time you are wearing your trainer. You will soon feel able to wear it all day or overnight. 

Listen to Your Body - Switch Settings

As you increase the number of hours you are using your waist trainer, it will become easier. This is because you have become used to wearing it.

For maximum results, you need to maintain a level of compression that causes some discomfort. It is now time to switch settings. It is crucial to increase the pressure gradually. 

Once you have tightened your waist trainer; you may find you need to decrease the hours you use it. It is wise to listen to your body and not to push your levels of discomfort beyond what is safe for you.  

Repeat the Steps

Now you are becoming familiar with how to wear a waist trainer. The next step is simply to repeat steps 4 and 5.

Once you are comfortable with a smaller setting, increase your hours of use. Once you are wearing your waist trainer all day or overnight, switch to a smaller setting.

Continue to switch to gradually smaller settings, and you will find your waist is reducing in front of your eyes.

Maintain Healthy Habits

Your waist is shrinking! You are finally achieving the hourglass figure you have been dreaming of. Now you can start to enjoy the positive effects that using your waist trainer has had on your body.

The improvement in your posture and the smoothing out of your midsection will have made any discomfort worthwhile. 

But then again, your achievements can sometimes lead to overuse. It is important not to get carried away by your success.

If you maintain healthy practices when using your waist trainer, you will reduce any possible negative effects.


Many of us dream of having a body shape that is often presented as “ideal”. If you are one of those people, a waist trainer has the potential to help you achieve this dream. Waist training appears easy, and it can be.

If you follow these basic steps on how to wear a waist trainer, you will choose the right one for your body size. You will use it safely by gradually increasing the hours and settings.

Use your waist trainer safely and you will find your waist size drops dramatically. The “new you” will be healthy, slim and gorgeous.


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