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Plus Size Shapewear 101

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Curves are beautiful and need not be hidden under unflattering baggy clothes. With the right plus size shapewear, you can look stunning in any outfit including those you see on your favorite celebrities.

But just like we are all beautifully different, there are many different curves and one solution doesn’t fit all. Some curvy women are curvier at the top while others are curvier at the bottom. Resulting in the need for different body shaper plus size wears to address every curve’s needs.

And since this is a trending fashion, the market is flooded with shapewear. So, how can you tell the right shapewear? This guide on plus-size body shapewear gives you the tips and tricks to selecting the right shapewear and describes various shapewear and their use.

Tips and Tricks to choosing the correct shapewear

Have the correct measurements

Most people mistake shapewear for slimming garments. As such they tend to pick the smallest size, this is the wrong way to go about selecting the right shapewear.


To choose the right size shapewear you need to know your measurements. When it comes to these garments, your size or a size larger will do better than a smaller size. 

Always take fresh measurements before purchasing shapewear. Ensure you have your bust, waist, and hips measurements.


In fact, most brands recommend using their sizing chart to pick the right shapewear size.


Know your  body type

Once you have the correct measurements you want to pick shapewear that will accentuate your beauty. Knowing your body shape is crucial for this step.


What does your silhouette look like? While it is not a flattering thing, women’s bodies are categorized into several body shapes. This includes pear, apple, spoon, hourglass, rectangle among others. Knowing the shape of your body will help you determine which beauty spot you want to amplify.

 This could be a narrower waist to draw focus to the hips, or a larger bust/shoulder area to bring balance if you have wider hips. Or it could also be slimming the thighs to bring balance. Whatever it is, there are several different shapewear for each job.


What is your style?

Now that you know your shape the next step is to determine your style. The shapewear style is influenced by material, design, and compression level. 


Determining compression levels helps pick the right garment for the desired outcome. Light compression: This is great for smoothing bulges and lines for a more flawless look.


Medium compression:  This compression level helps to accentuate your curves. Medium compression shapewear helps create the desired outline by shaping different parts of the body.


Firm Compression: This level of compression helps contour your shape. Works great for occasions like weddings, events, and formal occasions.

Must-have plus size shape wears

  • Butt lifter

Butt lifters are perfect for boosting the firmness of the derrière. You get weeks worth of squat results in minutes with this number.A butt lifter is often confused with a butt enhancer. These two garments, however, have different functions. 

The but lifter lifts the butt while a butt enhancer sculpts the butt to enhance its shape. The butt enhancer is slightly padded to give the butt a smoother and rounder look.

The butt lifter, on the other hand, has circle cut-outs at the buttock area that encompass the butt and lift it to give it a firmer, tighter, and rounder look. The lifting works to enhance your natural booty curve.

 The compression on your tummy and buttock area redistributes fat to give you that curvy silhouette.

It tackles the problem by toning and trimming the butt for a smooth appearance under your outfit. Most butt lifters are made with a smooth soft garment making it comfortable to be worn all day long and easy to wear under any outfit. 


This garment forces you to stand straighter and use your butt muscles more effectively which in the long run not only boosts your booty but your confidence too. 

  • Arm Shaper

You might have a body con dress that you have been dreading to wear because of flabby arms. The solution is an arm shaper. 

Arm shapers work to slim your arms and to smoothen out your back to avoid tights bumps, bulges, and back fat.

This garment also works to improve your posture by aligning your neck and back. You also get support in your bust area for that natural lift.

Arm shapers are also highly recommended for post-surgery recovery. They come highly recommended especially after Brachioplasty liposuction procedures. They help reduce swelling and the build-up of fluids surrounding the arm and incision areas. 

They come in a range of designs and colors to suit any occasion. Some cover your upper arms, while others are more of an arm compression vest that wraps around your arms like a bolero blazer to offer posture-correcting upper back support.

Arm shaper can be worn comfortably throughout the day without constricting blood flow. 

  • Waist trainer

Waist trainers have been sorting problematic body areas for decades now. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian swears by Waist trainers for her enviable hourglass figure.

The correct use of waist training will not only enable you to maximize your waist training experience but also give you long-lasting results.

Waist trainers are perfect for hiding bulges, bumps, and rolls making you look trimmer and cinched. 

Curvy women should look out for waist trainers that have steel boning for optimum results. The flexible boning technology enables the garment to maintain its shape and stay wrinkle-free so that it stays in place all day long. 

Waste trainers are versatile and can have single or multiple uses. For example, there is a selection of trainers that can be worn throughout the day but cannot be worn to the gym like the corset.


For workout trainers, use garments with front and back boning for added support. It works to firm and tone your torso while enabling comfortable movement during your workout. 

For a more classic feel and look, then the corset is your go-to. 


Long gone are the days women had to hide their curves under baggy unflattering clothes. With the introduction of plus size shapewear, you can show off your big beautiful curves in the most stunning dresses without worry.


Body shapers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs for various functions. In this guide, we have learned that before you select a particular shaper you need to determine your needs, get the correct measurement, and figure out what style you like.

With all this information you should be able to choose the right shapewear without any trouble.