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How To Hide Cellulite?

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Young, old, skinny or fat, cellulite is something that 90% of all women deal with. The exact reason for this menace is unknown. But it’s believed hormonal imbalance, genetics, aging, and unhealthy habits are some of the most common contributors. 

Cellulite is fat that gets trapped between the skin and underlying connective tissues. This condition causes the skin to dimple or ripple resulting in the skin having an orange peel or cottage cheese-like texture. Cellulite commonly appears in the hips, thighs, and buttock regions of women. 

So, how can we get rid of cellulite? Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition yet, but there are several ways to deal with it. Here are some tricks and tips on how to hide cellulite.

1- Cover up

The simplest way to hide cellulite is through clothes. Some great options include body shapers, leggings, pantyhose, and anything black.

Body Shapers

If you are planning on wearing a body-hugging dress, the quickest remedy for hiding cellulite is putting on shapewear. Whether it be a camisole, boy short, bodysuit or a form-fitting skirt, shapewear is great for hiding bumps. It creates a smooth figure and also helps slim down the body. 

Long usage of shapewear, helps smooth out the body and shape it accordingly. 


Pantyhose might not be the most fashionable pieces of clothing but they are great at hiding cellulite. Always go for sheer pantyhose preferably made of lycra and spandex material. These work best to cover lumps and bumps. Long usage of pantyhose also helps reduce cellulite. Choose a color that most resembles your skin tone to make it less obvious that you are wearing one.


Most women shy away from leggings for the fear that their cellulite will show right through. But with the right leggings, one can actually fight cellulite. Darker shades of leggings, preferably made of thicker material are great at hiding those ridges caused by cellulite. While they are a bit pricier, they are worth the extra dollars. When it comes to leggings, what you want to do is stay away from bright colors and light material.


You don’t have to shy away from the beach or pool during summer. There are chic swimsuits that can help manage this trouble. Go for trendy boy shorts, or skirted swimsuits to help cover up any lumps or bumps.

Besides, cute beach cover-ups are your best friend in the quest to hide cellulite stylishly.

2- Massage therapy

Another great way to manage cellulite is through massages. Gently but firmly massage the affected area using common home massage tools. Or get a professional massage done, especially if you need to bearskin in the coming days. 

Great massage options for dealing with cellulite include cupping and manual lymphatic drainage.  Massages are great because they help drain the excess fluid trapped in the affected area, relieving lumps and bumps. Massage also helps boost circulation which is important in making your skin healthy and supple.

3- Home remedies

You can also minimize the appearance of cellulite through some simple home remedies, such as

– Ground coffee and olive oil scrub:

One of the most commonly used cellulite reducing home remedies is ground coffee and olive oil scrub. This mixture is applied to the cellulite by rubbing the affected area in circular motions.

Followed by wrapping the area with plastic wrap. The wrap is then left on for 15 to 20 minutes, after which the mixture is rinsed off. The caffeine in coffee helps firm up the skin.

Alternative remedies used also include tomato paste and lemon juice mixture or grapefruit juice and salt mixture. Before trying these kinds of treatments, always test on a small portion of your skin, first, to determine that it is safe for you. 

– Dry brushing

Despite this beauty trick being in practice for centuries, it has only come to the limelight recently. Women have been brushing their dry skin to exfoliate and boost circulation for years.

Dry brushing, just as the name suggests is brushing dry skin. It’s done by brushing the body from the feet upwards without the use of water. 

Dry brushing is said to help drain lymphatic fluid, improve circulation, and create a soft supple skin. This minimizes the appearance of cellulite. Of course, after brushing the skin, a shower and thorough moisturizing are done to achieve the desired results.

4- Tanning

Looking for immediate results, darkening the affected region has shown to hide cellulite in the past. As such, applying tanning lotion to the affected area can help hide cellulite. After applying tanning lotion, use a tanning spray on the rest of the body to create an even tone. 

Avoid chemical tanning, it makes the cellulite look worse and is harmful to your skin. There are natural tanning remedies too, such as black tea, cocoa, and turmeric. However, always exercise caution when using some of these remedies.

5- Drink plenty of water

You are probably tired of hearing about this, but water is really skin’s best friend. Staying hydrated is crucial in minimizing the effects of cellulite.

Water helps remove toxins that lead to fat accumulation. Water also aids lymphatic flow and circulation. 

6- Exercise

If you want a long term solution, then exercising is the best remedy to manage cellulite. Combine cardio exercises with strength training to tone the affected regions.

Cardio exercise helps burn excess fat while strength exercise helps build muscle which improves how we look, greatly. Come up with a routine that you can commit to and you will eventually hide cellulite perfectly.

Squats, leg, and back stretches have proven to be very effective in dealing with cellulite. Get professional advice on which combination exercise works best for you.

7- Check diet

Diet is another factor to consider when looking at a long term solution to this problem. While cellulite can develop in any type of person including lean individuals, added weight does make it stand out more. Improved diet, helps lose extra fat, lessening this problem.

Doctors at WebMD recommend eating more raw foods. This aids the body with more fiber which is necessary for proper digestion of food. Also avoid empty calories found in more refined carbs such as soft drinks, candy, and bread.

Eating healthy proteins helps the body break down unhealthy fats, reducing cellulite.



If you want to hide cellulite quickly, here is a trick used by runway models. In a bent-over position without bending the knees, spray hair spray on the back thighs and let them air dry.

This helps create the illusion of smooth tighter thighs and helps hide cellulite. But always take this kind of advice with a pinch of salt. Try it on a small portion of the skin first, to determine it’s safe and effective before applying it wholly.


To wrap up

Remember that cellulite is something that almost all women have. Don’t worry too much about it, but if it’s a great concern then always refer here on how to hide cellulite.

Just keep in mind that a healthy diet, exercise, and staying hydrated will go a long way in combating this condition. But for quicker results, some clothes and tips on here will work great to help you hide that cellulite. 

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