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How to Dress a Spoon Body Type?

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Knowing our body shape is key to helping us choose clothes that complement us. Among the many beautiful body shapes is the spoon body type. 

Also known as figure 8, spoon-shaped bodies have small busts, wide hips, and very defined waists. 

When it comes to dressing our bodies, we should always aim for a balanced appearance. Clothes are our key asset in making this happen. 

Besides, clothes that flatter our body shape are key to helping us look good. That’s why we discuss how to dress a spoon shape body in this article.

What is a spoon body type?

If you are spoon-shaped then your bottom is likely larger than your top. Spoon shapes feature small busts and wider hips. They also have a rather defined waist. 

A spoon body shape tends to have a shelf-like appearance. It has a tendency to gain weight in the tummy, thighs, and upper arm regions. Gaining weight in the tummy makes this body shape more susceptible to get love handles.

 Luckily, spoon shapes usually have shapely lower arms and legs. These are some of the best assets of a spoon-shaped figure. You can play around with these assets to create a perfectly balanced look.

What is the difference between a spoon and a pear shape?

Most women are confused between a spoon and a pear body shape. Both shapes are similar in some way but there are some differences. 

For instance, both shapes are similar in that they feature a wider hip region than the chest area. However, they are different in that spoon shapes have a more defined waist compared to pear shapes. 

Pear shapes are considered so when the abdomen and hip regions are wider than the bust and waist regions.

Pear shapes can have similar dimensions in the bust and waist area provided the hip region is wider. 

Another clear differentiation is that the hips on a spoon body shape almost stick out from the waist, creating a shelf-like appearance. While the hips on a pear shape slowly fall away from the waist, creating a smooth curved line. 

Spoon shapes also tend to gain weight in their lower abdomen first before they do so in their thighs. While pear shapes tend to gain weight in their thighs and buttocks before their lower abdomen.

How to dress spoon shapes

The main aim of dressing any body shape is to create a balanced appearance.

 An equally sized bust and hip, with a narrow waist also known as the hourglass figure, tends to be the most balanced appearance.

As such, the key to balance a spoon body shape is to create a visual illusion of equal dimensions in the chest and hip regions. Thus, we need to go for clothes that draw attention to our upper body while minimizing attention to the lower body. 

Luckily, spoon shapes have shapely legs that can be played with to create stunning looks.

What to wear with a spoon body shape


When dressing the upper part of a spoon body shape, aim for tops that add volume to the bust area. Or tops that draw attention to the bust/shoulder region.Such tops include:

  • Tops with empire waist

Look for tops with an empire waist. An empire waist is a fitted bodice that rests right underneath the bust area creating a high-waist appearance. Clothes made with an empire waist tend to fit the bust area and then loosely flare down skimming the rest of the body.

When looking for empire waist tops, look for those that will loosely skim your lower abdomen, hiding any tummy bulges. But make sure they drape close to your body to avoid looking pregnant.

  • Off the shoulder

Off-shoulder tops emphasize the beauty of your shoulders. These versatile tops elevate your look and also draw attention to your upper body creating a balanced look. 

Tip: stick to solid or patterned pieces to avoid going overboard with this look, which is already a bold look. If you are really petite at the top, look for tops that have ruffles to create more volume in the region.

  • Boat neck and wide U and V neck tops

Boat neck and wide U/V neck tops feature wide necklines that bear the collarbone. They balance your fuller lower body by drawing the eye to the shoulders.

  • Tops with ruffles, embellishments or ruching at the bust and neck area

Ruching adds more volume to the bust region creating harmony with the voluptuous bottom. Embellishments help draw the eye to the bust and away from the wider lower body. Ruffles or bow-tie neck details help draw attention to the top body as well. 

  • Tops with princess sleeves

Princess sleeves help add volume to the shoulders which also creates harmony with the larger mid-section of the body. Some trendy princess sleeves include puffy sleeves.  Puffy sleeves, something akin to what ancient kings and queens used to wear, add volume to the shoulder in a chic way.

  • Strapless tops

Help accentuate your shoulders. They also offer free movement and are very comfortable to wear in warm weather. Princess cut tops are exceptionally great at highlighting the smallest region of your torso and hiding the bulging tummy or hip region. 

  • Play with jackets

Wear more structured jackets that create a crisp silhouette. Look for long blazers that end below the hips to create an overall leaner look. Jackets that are nipped at the waist also help create a balanced appearance.  Also, go for wide-collared jackets to add volume to the upper body.


When we talk about bottoms for this body shape, we are mostly talking about what not to wear. The goal here is to deemphasize the lower half of the body.

  • Choose wide waistbands

Wide waistbands help hide tummy bulges. Choose sleeveless tops that drape nicely and have a lower waistband. This helps minimize your lower half by emphasizing your top.

  • Avoid pants with whiskering or embellished pockets 

Whiskers and embellishments are details that help enhance your pants or jeans. When your jeans are embellished or whiskering at the hips, they will help enhance that region, making your hips look even wider.

  • Wear solid colors in darker washes

Wear darker jeans or pants because they create a slimming effect. Avoid pastel-colored bottoms which do the exact opposite. Preserve brighter colors for the top.

  • Wear straight pants

Straight pants create a slimming effect. Stay away from side pockets or anything that will add detail to the hip section. Basically, you want to go for more tailored bottom pieces that will help accentuate whatever you have on top. An example of this is flat front pants, which minimize the hip region helping create a leaner look. 

  • Wear A-line or straight skirts

Skirts are assets to spoon-shaped figures, just avoid skirts with embellishments at the hips. An A-line skirt will accentuate the waist while hiding the lower abdomen and hips, creating a leaner bottom. Tulip skirts can also help you achieve a balanced look. The extra fabric helps skim over your hips.

Spoon shapes are blessed with shapely legs, as such, you can play with a variety of skirt lengths to create the right appeal.

  • Accessories

Accessories are your friend when you are spoon-shaped. Go for lower necked tops to elongate your neck area and additionally add statement neckpieces to draw attention. Bright stylish looping scarves help add volume to the top and also draw the eye away from the lower body. 

Wrapping up

A spoon body type is one of the most beautiful shapes out there and learning how to dress it is crucial. The right dressing will flatter your figure and is key to looking good. 

However, we acknowledge that there are frustrations that come with dressing a spoon-shape. This is mainly because most of its owners think or have been wrongly informed they are pear-shaped. 

Though both shapes are quite similar there are differences. The major difference is how the hips appear.So, not all pear-shaped dressing remedies will apply to a spoon shape. 

A spoon shape has to remember to emphasize her bust/shoulder region while still defining her waist to create a more balanced appearance.

As such, wide-necked tops or tops with details such as ruffles, ruching, and embellishments help create volume at the top and also draw the eye away from the larger lower body.

Spoon shapes should remember to show off their beautiful shoulders and shapely legs, which are some of their best assets. 

Hope this information clears any confusion you might have had and helps you create the right wardrobe for your shape. 



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