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Dressing for Hourglass Figure: All You Need to Know

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Every woman’s body is unique and, regardless of your body shape, the key to looking good is finding an outfit that fits you perfectly. Dressing for hourglass figure will make all the difference to how you think and feel about your body.

There are many handy tips and tricks that will help you to dress your best figure in clothing that accentuates your assets so that your beauty shines through.

This article will show you how to fall in love with your curves. Discover great outfit ideas for every occasion that can help you become your own stylist and dress like the star that you are.

Do You Have An Hourglass Figure?

Have you ever wondered what an ‘hourglass figure’ really looks like? Picture a classic hourglass — two equal spheres with grains of colored sand running between them.

Turn the hourglass either way, and it is exactly the same, perfectly symmetrical. To apply this image to your body, look at your shoulders and your hips, are they about equal width? Does your waste slope inwards like the center of the hourglass between the equal spheres? 

If the top and bottom halves of your body are equally full and curvy then yes, you have a classic hourglass figure. You are rather fortunate. This figure is a gift, which you can learn to celebrate. Find out all you need to know about dressing for hourglass figure and making your body shape work for you.    

Trick 1 – The Balance trick :

Thinking back to the classic hourglass, remember that balance is the key to its perfect symmetry — and the same is true when dressing your hourglass figure. Use your clothes to balance the two symmetrical halves of your body.

Balance your shoulders and your hips with the right cut and colors of clothing, and bring the look together by accentuating your perfect hourglass waist. 

Trick 2 – The Eye Trick:

You might not realize it, but eyes can be trained to look exactly where you want them to look. You can use your clothes to draw the eye away from your problem areas and towards your best features. Give length to your legs with the right cut of pants. 

Highlight the curve of your bust with the right top or dress. Draw in your hourglass waist with a belt or belted top, dress or jacket. It is equally important to stay away from fussy ruffles on pants and tops because they draw the eye towards them and can make your bust and hips look bigger. 

Trick 3 – The Color Trick:

The colors you choose are important because dark colors are more forgiving than bright colors and patterns will draw the eye to a place you might not want it to go. 

Remember, even if you love bright colors and bold patterns, keep these to a minimum. Use them only in exactly the right places is an important trick to remember when dressing for hourglass figure.

Outfit Ideas for Any occasion

Now that you’ve learned a few of the most important tricks, let’s get down to the real business of dressing for hourglass figure.

Discover some super-stylish outfits and, whatever the occasion, you will never be short of ideas to help you look your best.

  • At the Office : Get ready to turn some heads at the office and dress like you mean business. There are lots of terrific tops that are perfect for the hourglass figure.

An ideal choice for the office is a keyhole blouse, which keeps you respectfully covered up, while still highlighting your curves and adding a touch of femininity to your outfit.

Team this with a pair of smart, belted-waist pants to draw in your waist. Add a pair of pointy-toe heels to give length to your legs and add a touch of understated glamour to your workday. 

  • Weekend Wear :The working week is over — now it’s time to relax and have some fun. If you’re out shopping with friends, or enjoying a relaxed lunch with your family, choose a peplum top.

This will highlight the perfect hourglass symmetry of your shoulders and hips while defining your waist. A pair of flared jeans will finish off this casual weekend outfit perfectly, making your legs look longer and perfectly proportioned.

If it’s a cold day, add a belted jacket to draw in that perfect hourglass waist. 

  • Out On The Town:The bright lights of the town are calling and, after a long week at the office, you are ready to let your hair down. Choose a sexy fit-and-flare dress to highlight your waist, while skilfully flowing over your hips.

Add statement earrings to highlight your neckline and high-heeled shoes in a nude shade. This will no doubt make it possible for others to see more of your legs, making them look dreamily long.  

  • Date Night:Perhaps you have just scored that longed-for date with Mr. Right, or maybe this is a night out with your long-suffering husband and a well-deserved break from the kids.

Either way, make this a night to remember with the perfect outfit. Pick a slinky V-neck cami to draw the eye down towards your perfect hourglass waist.

Slip into a pair of skinny jeans to show off your gorgeous curves, and you can be sure you’ll drive your date crazy.   

  • On the Beach :Looking good on the beach is a challenge for most of us. However, you can be sure to look sexy in the sun with a ruched one-piece bathing suit, which gives you all the support you need while embracing your curves.

Cover up after a swim with a loose-fitting wrap dress that will draw attention to all your best features. Otherwise, slip on a pair of long Chino shorts which will flatter your figure because their high-rise waistband is perfect for your hourglass waist.

  • Chilling Out At Home:It’s one of those rare and precious days where you find you have some time to yourself to chill out at home, but you can still be super-stylish.

Choose a pair of your favorite stretchy pants for comfort and style and a comfy wrap or V neck top. You’ll feel free to dance around the living room if you want to, and all the good things about your hourglass figure will be skilfully highlighted.

  • Formal Do:You have received an invitation to the opera, or a work dinner at an expensive restaurant, so you need to look like you’ve made an effort, without looking too sexy.

Why not try a shift dress, which will draw attention to your feminine shape without being too tight? Make sure you choose a length you are comfortable with, and that suits the formality of the occasion.

Statement earrings will finish your outfit off a treat, and sky-scraper pointy-toe shoes will add instant sex appeal.    

Things To Remember When Dressing Your Hourglass Figure

  • Your waste is your best friend.

Highlight yours using statement belts, wrap tops and dresses, belted jackets and pants in flattering and waist-accentuating styles. Stay away from boxy dresses, which hide the waist and conceal all that is good about the hourglass figure. 

  • Don’t underestimate the power of accessories.

Often overlooked, the right accessories can make an outfit. The right pair of earrings, shoes or belt can become the focal point of an outfit and train the eye to look exactly where you want it to look.

  • There is a time and a place for patterns

 Although it is often drummed into us hourglass-shaped girls that dark colors are the safest option, don’t be afraid to be bold. Utilize your patterns when wearing an all-in-one jumpsuit, which is kind to your curves or a two-piece bathing suit, which will not overpower your frame.

  • You can be subtle and sexy. Even when your day job dictates that you must be demure, you can still be subtly sexy. Wear a keyhole blouse that celebrates your femininity. If not, go for a wrap dress that draws attention to your best features, while still being subtle enough for the office.
  • Love yourself, and the rest will follow

 This is the most important point when dressing for your best self. If you didn’t already know, the hourglass figure is a gift to be celebrated. Your clothing choice allows you to show off and never to hide your hourglass figure. Love yourself, and whatever you wear, your beauty will shine through. 


Every woman’s body is unique. Whether you are super-skinny, hourglass, apple, pear or rectangle-shaped, every woman is faced with the same challenge. Finding an outfit that fits you perfectly is not always as easy as it sounds. 

I hope that all you hourglass-shaped gals out there have found these handy tips and tricks useful. You should now be able to dress your best self in clothing that accentuates your assets.

Don’t be afraid to fall in love with your curves, become your own stylist and dress like the hourglass-shaped star that you are.

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