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Do You Wear Underwear With Spanx?

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Spanx has revolutionized the art of dressing for women all over the world. From tummy-control to thigh-trimming, waist-slimming and bust support, there is an answer to every problem area.

 But, although most of us are converted by the sensation of shapewear, there is one question on many of our lips. Do you wear underwear with Spanx? Like most other questions, there is more than one reply or opinion on the matter.

What is Spanx?

Spanx shapewear is changing the lives of women everywhere. For those of us whose bodies bulge in all the wrong places, Spanx offers a solution. 

The job of a Spanx is to smooth out all those unsightly bulges. 

The thrill of the woven fabric keeps your lumps and bumps tucked in, making you appear incredibly slim.

 There is a wide range of garments available to suit every shape. One for every occasion — whether you are having a high-powered business lunch or a night on the town, there is a Spanx that fits.

What Experts Say

When asked the question, “do you wear underwear with Spanx?”, shapewear experts say no.

The reasoning is that the unsightly lines caused by panties work against the seamless smoothness of shapewear.

It was further lamented that the idea behind Spanx is to be worn instead of underwear.

Many of the garments are fitted with accessible fasteners at the crotch. These handy fastenings mean you don’t need to wear underwear.   

What Real Women Say

While experts say no, many women disagree. For many women out there, the idea of dispensing with their panties is just too uncomfortable.

Some women don’t like the naked feeling they get without knickers.

Those who love the seamless perfection of a Spanx will no doubt agree. Underwear spoils the effect. But of course, everyone is different, so the real answer to this question depends on who you ask.

Choosing the Right Spanx

Spanx can work wonders to mold and correct the shape of your body. Whatever your problem area, slip into the right Spanx shapewear and the problem is smoothed out like never before.

However, whatever body part you are hoping to correct, the key to choosing the right Spanx is finding the perfect fit. Only shapewear that fits you perfectly will be truly comfortable.

If you select an ill-fitting piece, the body-shaping benefits could be significantly reduced.

  • Too Small: If the shapewear you choose is too small, it will not be comfortable. If your body is too large for the piece you have chosen, it will not do what it is supposed to — justice to problem areas.Instead of smoothing your bulges, they will spill out over the top of your shapewear and draw unwanted attention to your problem areas.

  • Too Large :If it fits large, it will not provide the benefits you are hoping for. Spanx garments are designed to fit you like a glove. If there is surplus fabric in your garment, this will cause unsightly bumps and creases. Likewise, if air can enter through gaps between your body and the spanx, this will make you appear larger.

The Benefits

Do you wear underwear with Spanx? If you have not already been wearing it, the benefits of wearing Spanx shapewear are many and varied.

Not only does it smooth, lift, and compress your body, it also improves your posture. You will walk taller, with an air of confidence that you never had before. 

As your self-esteem begins to grow your whole life will improve and you will feel as fit and healthy as you look. This will give you all the inspiration you need to truly achieve the picture-perfect body.

Whether you choose to wear underwear or prefer to go without, Spanx is your ticket to becoming fabulous.

Getting the Best Out of Your Spanx

When choosing a shapewear that is right for you, you must first identify your problem areas. 

  • Full Body Shaper. If you may feel that you have more than one area that needs correcting, perhaps the full body shaper is the right choice for you. This all-over shaper works on your bum, bust, waist, hips, and tummy. 
  • Higher Power shorts. If your thighs are your main concern, the Higher Power shorts work to compress and smooth that part. Mid-Thigh shorts will conceal cellulite and banish your muffin top. 
  • Full Leggings. If you hate your dumpy legs, choose full leggings to slim and add length. Also, go for a slip with an open-bust and allow space for your favorite push-up bra.   

The key to getting the best out of your Spanx is knowing your body and pinpointing your problem areas. If you know what you want to achieve, you are more likely to walk away happy. Trying the garment before buying is advisable as the value of choosing the right size cannot be underestimated.  

The Underwear Question

To get an answer to the underwear question, it seems there is no one definitive response. The experts advise, “no panties” and some women say “no way.” With that in mind, it mostly depends on which of the Spanx range you choose to wear.

The underwear-needs of each item vary. If you choose a bodysuit, shaping briefs or shorts you can go knicker-fee if you wish to. 

All these garments are intended to be worn as underwear. If you choose leggings, a skirt or a slip, you are likely to want to add panties.

These garments do not have built-in underwear so they may feel uncomfortable without it.

The Bottom Line

Many of us dream of having an ideal body shape that appeals to the eye. If you are one of those people, a Spanx shapewear could help.

The cleverly-woven fabric will help smooth away unsightly bulges. Your figure will no doubt appear stream-lined and your lumps and bumps will stay safely tucked away. 

So, do you wear underwear with Spanx? Every woman is unique, so they’ll all have a unique exclusive answer. The only way to truly know if Spanx can be worn with or without underwear is by trying it out for yourself.  

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