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Postpartum Body Shapewear 101: All You Need to Know

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After pregnancy shapewear is becoming the go-to option for new moms trying to get their “normal” together. The pressure to get back their pre-baby body can be intense, leading to anxiety and depression. Learning to love yourself and finding the motivation to work on your body begins with a simple step. Before we look at that, let’s see why postpartum body shapewear is widely gaining acceptance.

Why Post Baby Body Shapers?

If you’re aren’t a mom already, it’s easy to think, “I will just relax and wait for my body to get back to normal.” Well, that’s a common confession for many wannabe moms, but the idea fades once they approach late pregnancy. The physical transformation in the first-trimester alone is enough to get them thinking otherwise.


Living your best life after giving birth can be tough, considering the abrupt changes in your body: from possible back pains, stretch marks to pronounced stomach pouch, all these can affect the quality of life. 

Comfort and peace of mind are some of the most underrated values that new moms desire to have throughout the first 3-6 months after delivery. 


But how is the postpartum body shapewear relevant, and are they effective in making life more comfortable? Let’s look at the benefits below.


  • Helps reduce body aches – these shapewear reduces back pains and may help correct the poor posture developed during pregnancy. They also offer the much-needed extra abdominal support.
  • For moms who went through a C-section, it creates a buffer between the clothes and stitches – this is particularly important as it ensures a comfortable time pushing through the daily routines, i.e., without injuring the incision area.
  • Helps you feel a lot more confident getting back to your pre-pregnancy life –, a lot will have changed but wearing comfortable, fitting shapewear after pregnancy will help you feel more positive returning to work or business. 


While some believe that wearing some types of shapewear after pregnancy can help with weight loss, there’s no medically proven research to back these claims. 

The only correlation could be that it reduces body pains, helping you become more active. This high level of activity could then be directly or indirectly related to weight loss. 


As a reminder, the postpartum period isn’t necessarily for losing weight; instead, it should be a time to adjust to the new life, nourish your body, and, more importantly, bond with your baby.


Common Postpartum Body Changes


From physical to emotional, some postpartum changes can be alleviated by taking simple yet effective steps, such as choosing the right after pregnancy shapewear. This may sound vague but can help solve issues that could lead to postpartum depression.

Two of the common physical changes that can be solved using shapewear are:


Stretch marks and stomach pouch postpartum

Depending on your age, genetics, and the body weight gained, your belly sees intense transformation after giving birth. Excess flap and stretch marks are common and may take up to 2 months before the uterus can revert to its old size. 

This may reduce the belly’s size, but the taut skin and flat tummy may never get back to where it was. 

 Using shapewear will not only keep the core muscles in shape but will also ensure you’re comfortable and ready to take on the post-baby workout routine to get your body shape and physique back.


Body posture

After giving birth, it’s obvious that your overall body weight will drop. Since your core is used to the baby’s weight, you may feel some pressure and discomfort on your lower back. Shapewear alleviates these pains and helps you adopt the right posture.

Choosing the Right Post Baby Body Shapers

After-pregnancy body shapers have long been used to give extra-abdominal support while sitting or breastfeeding and have shown to help take the pressure off the legs and back. 

 After-birth conditions such as Diastasis Recti, have also been treated successfully with the help of shapewear. But before choosing the right body shapers, below are some questions to keep in mind

Is it breathable?

It’s common to experience increased sweating in the postpartum period as the body tries to repel the lots of fluids retained during pregnancy. 

Choosing a lightweight and breathable fabric will help keep your body dry and healthy as you go on with the normal day-to-day routines.

Does it sit comfortably under your clothes?

A rule of thumb is to choose a body shaper that’s thin and never visible under your clothes. A trick here is to mix and match between your favorite color and skin color complexion. 

This way, you can wear the shaper with any cloth in your closet and worry less about looking weird with some visibly layered under clothes.

Is it too tight or too loose?

A good compression from a body shaper is what you should be looking for, but you don’t want to go overboard. The purpose of this body wear is to get your body in better shape and to keep everything cool and intact, not to squeeze your muscles to the point of discomfort. 

 Another thing to consider is how flexible it is to put on the body shaper. You don’t want a scenario where you need help putting in on or taking off the shapewear. The material should be somehow elastic, e.g., lycra or any other synthetic fiber.

 To make sure that the shapewear stays in place without having to pull it up every other minute, choose one with an anti-slip silicone band. This way, it won’t roll down, and you’ll have an easier time keeping up with your daily chores.

 You can also choose an open-bust bodysuit that offers the perfect body compression while leaving the breasts uncovered for fast and easy breastfeeding.

Closing comments

Staying positive, keeping healthy, and caring for your baby are some of the most important aspects that matter the most in your postpartum days. 

Executing your daily duties and finding time to spend with and care for your baby is already too much. You need to be flexible and in the right mood to ensure success.

 After-pregnancy shapewear gives you the comfort, freedom, confidence, and agility to keep pushing through your normal life and excel with child care.