Best Waist Trainers 2021 – Top 5 – Buyer’s Guide

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The secret to a woman’s look is in the waist. A narrower waist creates a more balanced look, that’s not only easier to dress but also more confidence-inspiring.

Over the years, many women have discovered this secret including celebrities. Some discovered this as early as the 1500s and went as far as wrapping cotton garments around bone rods; to create this much sought after look.

One of the best and most effective ways of narrowing and shaping the waist is with the use of waist trainers. The best waist trainer slims the waist, shapes it, and also helps promote posture among many other benefits.

But the market is flooded with waist trainers and it can be overwhelming separating the wheat from the chaff. In this guide, however, we go through a list of the best waist trainers and how to choose the right one for you.

Best Waist Trainers 2021

Curvy n Cute 9-Steel Boned Latex Waist Trainer
Best Overall
Best For Workout
Best For Workout
Best Corset
Best Post-Pregnancy Waist Trainer
3 in 1 Postpartum Recovery Shapewear
Best Vest Waist Trainer

Curvy n Cute 9-Steel Boned Latex Waist Trainer

Curvy n Cute 9-Steel Boned Latex Waist Trainer

Best Overall

Best Overall:

We chose this as the best of all waist trainers for its amazing natural materials, quickly noticeable results, company reputation, and innovation, and most importantly, comfort. 

The Curvy n Cute waist trainer comes with a natural latex inner cover, so your sensitive skin won’t have any reactions and natural latex in the outer layer for maximum results. 

The triple hook-and-eye closure system allows you to adjust the level of fit you want. Thus, providing comfort while toning the waist to create that hourglass figure you want.

Thanks to its flexible steel bones, this waist trainer stays in place throughout the day. The same technology helps the garment maintain its shape and stay wrinkle-free. The garment’s ability to stretch and curve helps support your torso and provides comfort all day long.

Planning on wearing form-fitting garments? Curvey n Cute’s waist trainer features flexible contours that create a smooth silhouette, perfect to wear under any type of garment including body-hugging ones. 

  • Natural materials set this shaper apart from the competition and making it perfect for sensitive skins.
  • Flexible steel bones that allow long hours of use without limiting comfort.
  • Good company reputation with 90-Day hassle-free returns & exchange (we tested)
  • Double-stitched edges for a sturdy build with no shifting or curling.

Ann Chery Women's Faja Waist Cincher

Ann Chery Women's Faja Waist Cincher

Best Workout Waist Trainer 

Best For Workout 

Ann Chery is a recognized brand name in the world of waist trainers. This garment is made of a cotton inner layer that is soft and cozy to your skin. While the outer latex layer provides high compression for creating that slim waist.

The garment features boning on both the front and back for added support. It works to firm and tone your torso while still enabling you to move comfortably during your work out. Thus, making it ideal for exercise.

With the 2-layer hook and eye closure, you are guaranteed to lose two inches instantly with this waist trainer. 

Its hand washable therefore very easy to maintain and a definite must-have for anyone hitting the gym daily.  

  • Front and back boning
  • 2 hook and eye closure 
  • Hand washable
  • Inner cotton liner


SHAPERX Women's Corset

best corset

Best Corset Waist Trainer 

Best Corset Waist Trainer 

Get an hourglass figure instantly with the SHAPERX Women’s Corset. This corset narrows the waist, raises and shapes the bust, flattens the tummy, and improves posture. Giving you a natural hourglass waistline. 

Made with 26 steel bones this is a heavy-duty waist trainer. The steel bones at the back and front help maintain a good posture by providing back and lumbar support. 

Tight lacing at the back creates great compression across the waist stimulating fat burning and calorie reduction which helps slim the waist. This garment is also built with a 4-layer fabric, featuring 2 inner cotton layers for comfort and 2 outer layers for added strength. The extra fabric helps hide and protect your back during lacing.

This is the best corset waist trainer we tried. It makes the body’s shape look better immediately.

  • 26 double steel boned
  •  4 steel bones in the back
  • 2 steel bones in the front
  • 4-layer fabric


3 in 1 Postpartum Recovery Shapewear

Best Post-Pregnancy Waist Trainer

Best Post-Pregnancy Waist Trainer

Best Post-Pregnancy Waist Trainer

This is the best postpartum and recovery shapewear we tried. This waist trainer is great when it comes to helping you recover your pre-pregnancy waist. It provides your body with all the support it needs to recover. 

This shaper’s multipurpose belly wrap contains 3 belts: belly, waist, and pelvis belt.  These belts help reduce abdominal swelling and shrink the uterus. Besides, the garment offers great support to the abdominal region and helps you look slimmer instantly, boosting confidence greatly.

The belt is made of breathable material for extra comfort. Its belly band helps the garment stay in place and not roll-up. It’s easy to put on and adjust and a great gift idea.
  • The best for postpartum and after surgery recovery
  • Very comfortable and easy to use
  • Multipurpose functions for different times of the recovery
  • Breathable material
  • 90-Day money-back guarantee


Waisted by keke Waist Trainer Vest

Best Vest Waist Trainer 

Best Vest Waist Trainer  

This is the best vest waist trainer we found, it has a long torso design perfect for hiding bulges, bumps, and rolls making you look trimmer and cinched. 

4 High-Quality Spiral Steel Boning ensures that the garment stays in place and prevents it from rolling up. This feature also aids the user in maintaining good posture by providing great support for your back and lumbar area. 

The double-layer lightweight stretchy fabric curves the body for easy movement while performing any activity. 

The Adjustable Zip & 3 Rows of hook and eye closure gives the user freedom to customize the level of compression depending on their needs. It also has a high-quality zipper easy to pull from the bottom and very easy to hide. It gives you a slimmer and cleaner look so feel free to wear this under your favorite pair of jeans. 

  • Zipper closure 
  • 4 High-Quality Spiral Steel Boning 
  • Long Torso Design
  • Double Layer-high compression fabric  


Waist Trainer Buying Guide

How To Find The Best Waist Trainer For You?

Waist trainers have been all the rage lately and for good reasons too. These waist shapers come with a chock full of benefits. But to experience these benefits you need the right waist trainer.

If you have been searching for one, then you know, that this is no easy task as the market is filled with this product. In this section, we help you find the best waist trainer by looking at the most important factors to consider when purchasing these garments.

1- Know What You Need The Waist Trainer For:

– Everyday Use

For the best results, it’s recommended that you wear your waist trainer every day. However, our day to day lives involve a lot of movements and at times strenuous activities. When looking for an everyday waist trainer, look for something breathable.

The best everyday use waist trainers have breathable materials and have a seamless contour that is unnoticeable undergarments. Everyday waist trainers also feature flexible boning material so that you can bend twist or turn with ease. Look for waist trainers with cotton or spandex materials for better comfort.

– Workout

Workout waist trainers are designed to help you during your exercise sessions. Since there are more rigorous movements during workouts, these trainers are constructed with firm, flexible, and durable material.

An example of a good workout waist trainer is Ann Chery’s mentioned in our list above. The use of latex provides ultra-compression. While cotton lining and elastase add comfort and flexibility to the garment.

The tight cinching that these garments provide, increase natural heat in the tummy resulting in increased sweating.  Their restrictive nature helps with strength training as well. 

Stronger materials are used to make these waist trainers preventing them from getting damaged with rigorous activity. And while they have a similar design to everyday waist trainer with hook and eye closures.

The most popular ones use double Velcro closures that are easy to put on. The Velcro closures also help the garment stay in place during exercise.

– Special Event

If you need instant results for that special event, then consider using a corset. Corsets, unlike other waist trainers, create a dramatic effect almost instantly.

Hardcore waist trainers use corsets for a more defined waist. The steel boning structure in corsets and the tight lacing at the back create a tighter cinch, dramatically taking 3 or more inches off your waist.

However, you cannot use corsets during workouts. They are too firm and don’t allow for rigorous movements. Corsets are also great for everyday waist training; they are just a little bit harder to adjust to, especially for beginners.

– Postpartum

The best postpartum waist trainers offer support while reducing the baby- belly. So as to give you back your pre-pregnancy figure. You need to check for medical-grade waist trainers made with breathable and non-irritating material.

A waist trainer made of latex, nylon and or cotton is suitable during this time. Ensure that it also has breathable material, is easy to put on and almost invisible under normal clothes.

There are several belly-wraps out there for great post-partum belly reduction results like the ChongErfei belt mentioned above. 

Please seek your doctor’s advice before putting on a postpartum waist trainer.


2- Figure Out Your Size Then Follow The Products Size Chart:

When getting a waist trainer, it’s crucial to get the right size. Unfortunately, some women are misinformed that getting a really small size will work magic. But this is simply not true, because if the garment is uncomfortable and plain right unflattering then you won’t wear it.

Therefore, always pick your size and don’t worry that your size won’t be small enough. Remember that the purpose of a waist trainer is to slim the waist so your size is already made smaller to give you that snatched look.

But how do you figure out your size in the first place? Here is how….

Bust: First get the measurement of your bust line by measuring immediately underneath your bust. Avoid the temptation to pull the tape measure too tight. Always make sure you can slip a finger beneath the tape measure.

Waist: Your waist is where you naturally bend at. If this is hard to determine, look for the narrowest part of your torso. Another tip for measuring the waist is measuring one or two inches above your belly button. 

Hips: Measure the area at your hip bones where you bend when you are seated down. 

Torso length:

There are petite and long torsos, most standard torso measure 8 to 10 inches. Taller torsos measure above 10 inches while smaller torsos can measure 7 inches or less.

To measure your torso length, put the edge of the tape measure directly under your bust, stretch it vertically to your hipbone while standing. If seated stretch the tape measure to the area of your hips that naturally bend.

Lastly, always follow the waist trainer size chart made available by the company you are purchasing your waist trainer from. Don’t worry about the sizes on the waist trainer not matching your normal dress size, the biggest brands run smaller sizes.

In case you need help figuring your size out, many companies will have live chat where you can speak to a sizing expert.

3- Understand The Different Materials That Are Used

Because waist trainers have different purposes as mentioned above, they also come with different materials to help fulfill the intended purpose. Some of the most common materials include Latex, Spandex, Nylon, and Cotton.

Here is what to expect with each material:

– Latex:

This is the most common material in waist trainers. Latex is better at compression than all the other materials used in these garments. The rubbery material is stretchy but also very firm and durable.

Latex also produces high heat in the belly region aiding in more sweating. This makes latex a rather common material in workout trainers. It’s durability also means that waist trainers made of this material last longer.

– Spandex:

Some people are allergic to latex, to resolve this, spandex is used instead of latex. Spandex is stretchy and great for workouts but it’s not as effective at waist slimming as latex.

– Cotton:

Cotton is soft and has a cool feel. Some waist cinchers use more cotton material in their construction. This adds more comfort to the waist trainers and is best for people who want to avoid the heat retention caused by latex or people who generally live in warm climates. Some corsets are made with cotton material for its cool feel. 

– Neoprene:

Neoprene is the material used to create scuba wear. It works well in waist trainers as well, because of its flexibility. Neoprene is firm and adaptive to temperatures, it’s comfortable on the skin and has great compression as well.

Ultimately, most waist trainers mix several of these materials to give the best of both worlds. For example, latex and spandex combinations create a great piece for workouts. Because of the aided movement provided by the stretch factor.

4- Read Reviews And See What Other People Think

The best way to figure out if a waist trainer is what it promises to be is by reading reviews of previous customers. If you have a friend who uses waist trainers, ask them for feedback on the brands they have tried.

Use the review section to figure out how the waist trainer performs, any extra factors you need to consider, and its pros and cons. A positive pattern of reviews shows that the product can be trusted.

5- Return Policy & Shipping Fees

Since waist trainers are considered to be undergarments to some extent, they have a very strict return policy if any. However, some brands offer a period of time in which you can return the waist trainer and possibly get a refund. Though, this comes with some restrictions like the fact that the garment must be unworn (past 10minutes), unwashed, undamaged, and so on. 

So, you want to read the fine print on the return policy offered by the brand you are purchasing your waist trainer from. Most returns are usually due to size, most companies seem to be tough with this because you are expected to follow their size chart and consult with their size experts before making a purchase.

When it comes to shipping fees, look for brands that offer free shipping and returns. Some companies charge shipping fees and restocking fees in case of returns.

How To Properly Use A Waist Trainer?

You probably want results and want them now! But, for that to happen you have to first learn how to efficiently use your waist trainer for effective results.

Correct waist training will not only enable you to maximize your waist training experience but also give you long-lasting results. To help you achieve those goals, here are some tips on how to properly use your waist trainer.

1 – Choose the right size:

As mentioned earlier in this guide, it’s crucial to choose the right size waist trainer. A smaller garment will probably be too uncomfortable to wear and can be unflattering when it shows bulges and wrinkles.

A larger size will beat the purpose of waist training. So, choose the right size by measuring your waist, following the product’s size chart, and asking for help, where necessary.

2 – Wear it for only 2 hours on the first day:

Don’t rush it! Only wear your waist trainer for one and a half to two hours daily, the first few times you waist train. This will help your body adjust to the compression and will also be a great time to listen to it.

Stop wearing the garment immediately if you start to feel pain, shortness of breath or discomfort beyond the initial tightness.

Pro Tip: Wear the waist trainer in the morning when the stomach is flatter and empty.

3 – Slowly increase the hours worn:

Slowly start increasing your training hours from two a day to 5 or 6 over the next week or so.

Make sure to give yourself a breather and break from training for a day or two. This applies not just to those who wish to waist train, but also to those people who are waist training for a special event.

4 – Take a proper diet:

Your diet directly affects your results!

You have to eat right to get faster and long-lasting results! Keeping a healthy and positive lifestyle will optimize your efforts and keep you feeling energized throughout the day.

Since your abdomen is compressed you will start to feel fuller faster. Therefore, east smaller meals, but ensure they are highly nutritious. Eat more wholesome and unprocessed foods for extra energy. 

5 – Hydrate:

One of the benefits of using a waist trainer is that it increases thermal activity around your core area. Therefore, increasing perspiration meaning that you need to replace that fluid to avoid dehydration. So be sure to stay hydrated by taking plenty of water.

Avoid taking energy drinks, soda, or sports drinks. If you don’t like the taste of plain water you can try adding add a slice of lemon, watermelon, or lime for a bit of taste.

6- Exercise:

Unfortunately, a waist trainer is not a magic pill. For that hourglass figure, you have to put in some work!

Waist training combined with exercise produces the best results. Not only giving you a smaller waist but some long term effects that you will be very proud of.

It’s important to mix different levels of cardio intensity with strength training to make those core muscles stronger. This optimizes your waist training experience.

7 – Use a liner:

A layer between the corset and your body ensures that the garment remains dry and clean. This helps prevent contact with moisture from your body. Wearing a liner is especially recommended for work out trainers. 

8- Waist train while sleeping:

If you plan to waist train while sleeping, loosen your waist trainer by about an inch to an inch and half less than you would for daytime corseting. This will help with better breathing and comfort throughout the night.

9 – Corset Seasoning:

Seasoning your corset is the process of slowly breaking into your corset. The seasoning process gives your body some time to adjust to the pressure of a corset and slowly molds your shape into the boning structure making your corset more comfortable and longer-lasting.

Try not to tie the corset too tightly at first. Allow enough room for your hand to fit in between the corset and your body. This will give the corset’s boning time to adjust to your shape and avoid warping the boning. Something that can cause you some discomfort as well.


Benefits of Waist Training?

By now, you probably have a good idea about what a waist trainer is, how to choose the correct waist trainer for you, and also how to properly use it. But what should you expect to gain after the use of this garment? In this section, we discuss the benefits associated with waist training.

1- Hourglass figure:

All figures are beautiful, it’s what makes us unique. However, one of the most coveted figures is the hourglass figure and for good reasons too.

The hourglass figure is deemed to be the most proportionate look on a woman. The hourglass figure is well balanced, easier to dress, and quite fluttering in any type of clothing.

The major benefit associated with waist training is achieving this figure through a cinched waist which gives more definition to the hips and bust area. 

In fact, wearing a waist trainer instantaneously creates this effect by slimming down the waist region and trimming a few inches off, to give you a more cinched look. Wearing waist trainers overtime is also believed to reshape your waist and help outline it better.

2 – Appetite suppression:

Most waist training companies tout this garment as being able to help one lose weight. While that might not really be the case, what waist trainers do is help with weight control.

By tightly squeezing the midsection of one’s body, we are unable to eat more food than is needed. Waist training helps us eat smaller portions of food, and helps us fill fuller faster.

Continual use of a waist trainer helps increase awareness of the amount of food the body needs to be satisfied. Thereby creating a healthy behavior of portion control. 

3- Improves posture:

One of the greatest benefits of waist training is improved posture. Waist trainers feature vertical boning that offers support to the lower back and core. This prevents slouching and helps you sit upright and maintain good posture.

Good posture reduces headaches. This is aided by the clear flow of communication between the brain and the nerves along the spine. It also aids with back pains.

Slouching causes the spine to bend awkwardly creating tension all along the back and in many times pain. With a waist trainer, all this is eliminated, because you are constantly sitting upright.

Word of caution, however, wearing this garment for long hours may cause muscle atrophy. Since the body is getting extra support, your lower back and abdomen muscles may waste away due to inactivity.

4- Boosts confidence:

With better posture and improved look, waist trainers help boost confidence in the wearer. 

5- Post-birth reshaping:

Most women want their bodies to go back to how they looked before pregnancy. A waist trainer is a great tool at helping reshape the midsection post-birth. Most mums swear by it, including celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim K.

Besides regaining firm abs, waist trainers also offer lower back and abdomen support which is crucial right after birth. In fact, waistbands have been recommended by doctors to new mums and surgery patients for a very long time now. Please note, however, that these are medical-grade waistbands. 

6- Bustline support:

The ability to support your busts is another added benefit of waist trainers. While waist trainers help accentuate your bust, they also help lift it up, reducing back pain, and pressure, especially for large breasted women. 


In summary, the best waist trainer will help you lose inches off your waist, achieve proper posture, and look good.

But in order to pick the right trainer, you need to consider some important factors such as size, material, use, and product reviews.

This guide helps outline all these factors and also lists the benefits of these magic garments. Hopefully, this information helps you choose the right waist trainer.

If you are in the market for one, our list of the best waist trainers at the top of this guide can help point you in the right direction.

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